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April 22nd - 28th

Although I am aware of the effects our waste has on our environment, I still find myself buying and using plastics and producing waste when it's convenient for me.  To work my way towards a waste and plastic-free life, I'm challenging myself this week to document and photograph each piece of trash that I produce and assess how I can make changes in order to prevent that waste in the future. The trash I will document will be anything that CANNOT be composted or recycled.  


I will post my progress each day on my Instagram page @_seababy_ and at the end of the week I'll compile and share my trash and results, and form a list of the steps I need in order to take to move closer to a waste-free life.  



You can join me in this challenge by documenting your trash as well.  Take a moment with each piece of waste before tossing it and consider its history and its future.  How many resources were used to produce it?  Where will it end up?  How long will it be around?  Was it worth it?  Feel free to post your findings using the hashtag #seababychallenge and we can follow and help each other out on this journey to change and grow towards clean living.

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