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SeaBaby was created to help spread awareness on marine-related conservation issues through art and imagery.  Each piece is created with the hope of sparking conversation, bringing attention to and inspiring action towards protecting and preserving our oceans. 10% of all SeaBaby sales are donated to a variety of ocean conservation organizations around the world in order to support others who working towards the same goals. 


About the Artist


Mollie Ginther is an artist and illustrator originally from Wisconsin.  She's always held a deep love for the ocean, but her passion for marine conservation was sparked after moving to Hawai'i and gaining first-hand experience with terrifying events such as coral bleaching, plastic pollution, water acidification, unsustainable fishing and coastline destruction. Mollie used her art to reflect her experiences and as she shared them with others, she realized how few people are aware of the extent of the issues facing the oceans, or even that they exist at all.  Mollie saw how her art could be an important tool in marine conservation, and SeaBaby was born.

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